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Making the mind map for UNDERSTANDING the article “PowerPoint is Evil”

I had a lot of fun in doing this activity. At first I had my view on this article I did not believe it was evil, but in doing the mind map we identified some pros and cons which made me think bout my awesome decision and for some reason consider the author’s point.

Doing it was an extravagant experience it was so awesome that we had a lot of free time to do this. The only thing I disliked was the part where we had to go to the library to get our research materials. Nevertheless I thought this experience was pimp ass awesome πŸ™‚


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For the brave only!

If you guys like gore and if you have a strong tummy,then click this linkΒ

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I was preparing my stuff for school and I was super ready.Fixed my stuff,arranged my books and everything.Then after I took a bath felt lazy to go to now I’m still in bed,super lazy. πŸ™‚

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Must see!Damn this kid can dance!

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It’s about 3:15 am and I can’t sleep

I don’t know why but I just don’t feel like sleeping.I’m bored,I don’t know what to do.And I still have class at 7:30am daaaaamn 😐

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